Jon Haas – SME Topeka Executive of the Year

Jon Haas – SME Topeka Executive of the Year

We are thrilled to invite you to a spectacular event where we will celebrate the exceptional leadership and visionary mindset of Jon Haas, the founder and president of HME, Inc. (Haas Metal Engineering). Jon’s remarkable journey has transformed a garage start-up into a conglomerate of six thriving companies, with nearly 550 employees, leaving an indelible mark on the construction industry.

We will be honoring Jon during our February 6th dinner meeting at the Topeka Country Club so please make sure to get your reservations below.

Discover the inspiring story behind HME’s evolution, from its humble beginnings to becoming an AISC-certified provider of top-notch structural steel and custom metal fabrication. Jon’s leadership philosophy, emphasizing hiring great people, investing in cutting-edge technology, and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, has not only fueled HME’s growth but has also led to the creation and acquisition of additional successful ventures.


  • Insights into Jon Haas’s journey and leadership principles
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • A glimpse into the latest advancements in structural steel and metal fabrication
  • Inspiring stories of success, growth, and innovation


Don’t miss this chance to be part of an evening dedicated to celebrating excellence in the construction industry. Your presence will contribute to the collective inspiration and drive for continuous improvement.

Jon joins a group of exemplary honorees dating back to 1970.

1970    Gov. Robert Docking 1988    Gary Clarke 2006    Ray Irwin
1971    Dr. Kenneth McFarland 1989    Harold Worswick Jr. 2007    Harry W. Craig, Jr.
1972    Willard Noller 1990    Robert Wheeler 2008    Duane L. Fager
1973    Gov. Alf Landon 1991    Howard Fricke 2009    John B.  Dicus
1974    Lou Falley 1992    Ben Blair 2010    James Parrish
1975    Fred Kuehne 1993    John E. Hayes, Jr. 2011    Joanne Morrell
1976    Charles Marling 1994    Don Lilya 2012    Steve Briman
1977    Vernon Jarboe 1995    Betty Simecka 2013   Vince Frye
1978    Joe Burke 1996    Emery Fager 2014   John Hunter & Anita Wolgast
1979    Larry Ireland 1997    Frank Sabatini
1980    Ron Miller 1998    Tom Schwartz 2015   Jim Klausman
1981    Eldon Danenhauer 1999    Dr. Jerry Farley 2016    Joan Wagnon
1982    H. Pat Powers 2000    Maynard Oliverius 2017    Mike Patterson
1983    Dr. John Green 2001    Steven Douglass 2018    Karren Wichert
1984    Mayor Doug Wright 2002    Nancy Perry 2019   Greg Schwerdt
1985    Lanny Kimbrough 2003    David Leamon 2020    none
1986    David Stremming 2004    Kent Garlinghouse 2021    Cody Foster
1987    Harry Turner Jr. 2005    Kris Robbins 2022    Matt Pivarnik
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