Eric Jorgenson: October’s Speaker

Eric Jorgenson: October’s Speaker

Introducing Eric Jorgenson: A Distinguished Figure in Startup Growth, Authorship, and Investment Endeavors

Eric Jorgenson is a prominent figure known for his strategic contributions to startup growth, prolific writing, and occasional forays into angel investing. With a pivotal role in the founding team of Zaarly, his digital presence traces back to 2014, marked by a consistent and impactful online presence.

At the heart of Eric’s portfolio is his renowned business blog, Evergreen, which has left an indelible mark on over a million discerning readers. Combining insightful perspectives with engaging content, Evergreen stands as a testament to Eric’s ability to educate and captivate simultaneously.

Beyond his involvement in startups and written endeavors, Eric harbors a unique culinary passion—his ongoing pursuit of crafting the perfect sandwich. His musings and updates are readily available on his Twitter handle, @ericjorgenson, and his latest projects can be explored on ejorgenson.com.

Eric’s influence extends to the realm of authorship. A foundational member of Zaarly since 2011, a company dedicated to connecting homeowners with dependable service providers, Eric has also authored “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.” This literary masterpiece delves into the nuances of wealth and happiness, offering valuable insights for those seeking personal and financial growth. Attendees of an upcoming event can gain a head start by accessing the complimentary audiobook at navalmanack.com/audiobook. Notably, Eric’s book has garnered significant attention on Kindle, with numerous readers highlighting its value.

Furthermore, Eric’s Evergreen blog continues to thrive, consistently enriching the intellectual lives of more than a million readers. Those eager to delve deeper into his reservoir of insights and philosophies can anticipate an upcoming event where Eric will share his thoughts on achieving a fulfilling life. From discerning the right moments for action to cultivating patience for sustainable results, participants will glean wisdom applicable to their personal and professional journeys.

Eric Jorgenson stands as an exemplar of entrepreneurial prowess, literary achievement, and investment acumen. His contributions have left an enduring mark on the startup landscape, the realm of literature, and the art of strategic investing. By engaging with Eric’s work, individuals open themselves to a world of wisdom and opportunity.

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