President’s Message

President’s Message

Hello, I hope this message finds everyone well.  It is a great time of the year with the changing of the colors and the cooler fall evenings.  It is my favorite transition, a season that makes NE Kansas a special place.

We will be making a transition of sorts for our November Dinner Meeting, something we think you will enjoy.  We will be holding our first CEO Panel event and have as special guests the CEOs from three prominent companies – Nicki Baty, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Jim Klausman, Midwest Health, and Keith Warta, Bartlett & West.  This will be an opportunity for members to engage in Q&A on a wide variety of interesting topics.

I appreciate the continued effort to recruit new members to SME.  Nine prospective members joined us for the dinner meeting in October!  Inviting others to a dinner meeting is the best way to share what SME is all about – drinks with friends, dinner at the Country Club, and meaningful insight from a professional leader.

As we transition from 50 members to 80 plus members over the next two years, who do you know that should be joining us?  Someone you would enjoy having a drink and dinner with once a month.  Executives, entrepreneurs, or business professionals who would benefit from the SME experience.  Talk to Kathy about inviting those on your list to an upcoming dinner meeting.

See you Tuesday night!

Rick LeJuerrne, SME Topeka President










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