President’s Message

President’s Message

Hello everyone.  Hard to believe, but June wraps up the 2022/23 season of SME – what a great year!  We have much to be thankful for and even more look forward to as we hold our last Dinner Meeting this Tuesday night.

We had three main goals for SME this past year.  First, and most importantly, grow membership.  As of May, we have added twelve new members, growing SME ranks by 24%!  For this, we owe a debt of gratitude to Irene Haws, our Membership Chair, for her work organizing the effort and leading the charge.  Thank you Irene!

Second, fulfill our commitment to deliver SME Live as originally planned way back in 2020.  We achieved this in style!  I’m still thinking about Dr. Medina’s presentation and the full house on April 25th.  This was very much a group effort, but without Mike Eichten’s leadership it just simply would not have happened.  Thank you Mike!

Our third goal for SME this year was to simply have more fun. Nowhere was this truer than the work of the golf committee, led by Jeannie Shy.  From the comradery of committee meetings to the fun the day of the golf tournament, the result was a record number of teams and money raised. Thank you Jeannie!

This year it was also important to get back to what makes us special – monthly dinner meetings with high level insight in sales, marketing, and leadership for our members.  This is not easy. Months of planning and behind the scenes work come down to one night each month, and it always comes off without a hitch.  What makes SME special just would not be possible without our Executive Director, Kathy Crome.  Thank you Kathy!

This Tuesday night continues our fun together.  We decided to make the format of the season ending meeting a little more casual, an opportunity to celebrate our great year.  Curtis Sneden, with the Greater Topeka Partnership, is our guest speaker.  Those who have never heard Curtis speak are in for a special treat, and maybe just maybe some magic….

So, let’s celebrate the great year!  See you Tuesday night for dinner and drinks with friends, and insight.

Rick LeJuerrne, SME Topeka President










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