President’s Message

President’s Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the fall season! It was such a great night to start our year with good attendance and an awesome speaker! As we continue to look for ways to increase membership, the ability to offer meaningful and engaging resources like our speakers will go a long way in helping!

Unfortunately, we need a new committee chair for the membership committee, as Brandon has stepped away from the role. We appreciate all he has done and will look to a new person to lead the task of gaining new membership.

Our Golf committee has really been putting in the work to make this a great event and we are still in reach of our goal of 20 teams, a last-minute push will help, so please keep eyes and ears open for anyone who would like to join the event, it’s not too late!

Once again, I am privileged to be part of this and encourage input and suggestions that could help us improve and grow. I appreciate all the assistance our members provide to help us grow!


Russ Kromminga









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