President’s Message

President’s Message

President’s Message

Winter is still here and the groundhog says it will keep going!!  Living in Kansas, I don’t think we really need a groundhog to tell us that is still going to be cold, but hey, that’s traditions for you!

The pandemic has caused so much isolation and the colder weather has only increased it.  But I know that you all are working to make the sale and improve your business daily.  Keep working hard and we will get through this.

The SME Board continues to work on solutions that will help you and the organization get through these tough times.  We are continually evaluating the possibilities of holding in-person meetings, and if unable, evaluating what virtual activities we can do.  We appreciate your feedback on the latest survey and will use that information to help us make decisions.  If you have other ideas or suggestions, please let me or another board member know.

Thank you for being part of the SME family!!  We hope to see you soon in person real soon!!

Russ Cobb, SME President 2020-2021





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