President’s Message

President’s Message

“You to not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” – Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Our guest speaker in January, Tim Weddle, spoke about several businesses, and books/authors, but this one really struck home with me. My business will not rise to it’s goals; it will fall to the level of our systems. How does this impact you personally or your business? We recently watched our beloved Kansas City Chiefs confidently secure the Super Bowl championship from the San Francisco 49ers and I sat there in amazement realizing the team did not just rise to their goals; the systems of training employed by this team and their coaching staff exceeded their goals.

 So does the level of your systems as a sales professional exceed your goals? How are your habits as an induvial and professional developing your career and business? According to James Clear, “Habits + Deliberate Practice = Mastery”

I look forward to seeing everyone at the February meeting on Feb 11th and don’t forget to get your tickets for SME Live! Enjoy the KC Chiefs win and welcome to college basketball season!


Stephen E. Osborne



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