Dinner Speaker

Dinner Speaker

Tim Weddle
Financial Advisor, RJFS
Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A

In 2012, Tim began an internship with Keating & Associates. That experience provided a meaningful glimpse into the financial services industry and Tim knew this was his path. He gave an extended notice to his brothers with whom he had established a successful roofing business and started at Keating & Associates a year later.

Fluent in Spanish and having studied abroad in Spain during college, Tim always planned to teach Spanish for his career. As it turns out, he discovered that at its core, the discipline of financial advising is collaborative teaching.

Tim believes that money is intimidating enough without all the industry jargon. “Some of my favorite professors weren’t the lecturers,” he says, “they were the ones who got in the trenches with you and really took you from one level to the next in your learning curve.” He loves the opportunity to simplify things for his clients and serve them throughout their life seasons. He approaches financial advising both comprehensively and dynamically, always keeping in mind that life’s circumstances can and do change.

A lifelong resident of Manhattan, Tim has been married to his wife Lydia for 8 years and they have three young children – Marcus, Alexandra and Hadley. Tim enjoys travel, drinking coffee, and he is on pace to read 80 books by the end of this year.




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