Executive of the Month

Executive of the Month

Jay T. Ladenburger

The month, SME Topeka honors Jay T. Ladenburger as the executive of the month. He led the organization as the president this past year.

Jay T.’s day job is as a sales representative/solutions guy for CURTIS 1000.

“I help businesses do business, I‘ve have had a territory in Topeka for 28 years”, he said.

That territory is for CURTIS 1000, a business communications company operating continuously since 1882. Since then, it has evolved to be unique in the industry in terms of experience, innovation and capabilities. The company is  dedicated to helping clients express their uniqueness while improving their operational efficiency. Ffind out more about CURTIS 1000 at http://www.curtis1000.com/

Looking back on this past year, Jay T. shared that, “Being president of SME Topeka was a true honor and blessing.  My experience confirmed the truth that:  LIFE is all RELATIONSHIPS as I got to forge deeper friendships with many people in SME and on our board.  I came away having learned what it means to LEAD and LISTEN better”.

In 2017 SME Topeka held its first SME Live, featuring Jon Gordon. Jay T. and the SME Live committee worked the entire year to make this event possible.

“As I’ve said before SME Live was the culmination of a long-term dream – putting Jon’s concepts into practice: “allowing my faith to be stronger than my fears” and creating an environment for Topekans to be motivated and inspired to be better employees and families”, reflected Jay T.

Jay T. has been a member of SME Topeka since 2008. When asked what motivated him to become part of the group, he said “Honestly, I  joined because my friend (Larry Dunning) and largest customer “suggested” I check it out and join. Now I’m so very grateful he invited and challenged me to become a member.  I strongly believe that if you want to be successful you MUST surround yourself with successful people. The members of SME Topeka are those people”.

Jay T. is also a member of the Topeka Chamber of Commerce and Curtis 1000 – President’s Club (for 18 years). In addition, he is a sponsor of the Meals on Wheels Sumptuous Settings Gala.

Jay T. has been married to Susan for 34 years.  They have four daughters (three of them are married) and two grandsons. They love being around kids and coach a 1st & 2nd grade girls basketball team every year. Jay T. and Susan also teach a children’s bible study. The couple’s favorite vacation spot is Estes Park, Colorado. They enjoy hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park every year




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