President’s Message

President’s Message


Everyone who attended the 2017 Golf Tournament knows we had fun, even though it was cut short do to a little rain. Thank you for bringing your guests to play with us this year. We all know Kathy puts a lot of time in to ensure the tournament goes smoothly. However it doesn’t happen without a half day given by the  volunteers who helped with tasks such as: registration, putting up signs, collecting money, assembling gift bags, handing out tickets, running games, announcing winning raffle tickets, handing out raffle prices, and the list goes on.

To all the volunteers, thank you for making the golf tournament fun and well run:

Jeannette Johnson
Angela Moore
Chelsea Huston
Kathleen Hein
Karon Lee
Mary Lenz
Lisa Kongs
Phil Tysinger
Kristen Kogl
Garry Cushinberry
Marlene Showalter
Nancy Eichten
Traci Herrick
Jay T. Ladenburger
Russ Cobb

You made it happen, thank you.

SME Topeka President William Beteta
Business Development Manager at Schendel Lawn & Landscape




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