President’s Message

President’s Message


Our program in June is an opportunity to hear from Karren Weichert, President and CEO of Midland Care. An organization servicing the community for 40 years helping families with loved ones during one of the most difficult events in life. She will share with us where Midland Care has come from and where it is going for the future.

Our June meeting will be my last of last steps as SME president. It has been my honor to service in this role for the past year. What makes holding this position possible is how you,  the members, step up to make things happen. Thank you to all. I welcome Kathleen Hein in as our next President and know she will do a great job.

Thank you for allowing me to service and look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

SME Topeka President William Beteta
Business Development Manager at Schendel Lawn & Landscape





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