President’s Message

President’s Message


Summer vacations are done and children are back in school. So, what was the best thing that happened to you these past couple of months?

Thank you Jay T. Ladenburger for serving as president this past year. The highlight has to have been SME Live with Jon Gordon. What a wonderful event it was.

We are beginning a new SME Topeka year and shortly we will be returning to our regular meetings at the Topeka Country Club.

I am honored to serve as this year’s president and humbled to be standing on the shoulders of everyone who served in this role before me. When I look at the list of past presidents I see people who have done some great things for SME and our community. It feels awesome to know they are a part of our group.

It is the members who make SME Topeka what is. Each of us add something to an evening meeting when we attend; each of us give perspective when we give feedback. Together we make it fun and inviting for all of us. I’m reminded of a saying, you get out of something what we put into it. What will you put into SME this year?

I’ve come to know that I do not have all the answers and solutions to everything, and ideas take time to have a full impact. A question I am asking myself right now, what is the vision for SME going forward? I ask you to answer this questions with me. Pull out your telescope, what do you see on the road ahead for SME Topeka?

We are just getting started. I look forward to seeing you at the September 12 meeting

SME Topeka President William Beteta
Business Development Manager at Schendel Lawn & Landscape




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