Executive of the Month

Executive of the Month

This month we honor William Beteta as our executive of the month. He led SME Topeka as our president this past year.

“Being president of SME was fun. It gave me a greater appreciation for the people who make business happen in our community, because nothing happens in business until a sale happens. I appreciate all those who have taken up the role in sales and marketing, without whom business does not grow,” said William.

“I joined SME because I was invited to be part of a group of professionals in the community that network and share experiences. I’ve really come to appreciate all sales & marketing professionals. It is a profession that does not always get a good reputation with people. But, it is the professional that makes business exist,” continued William.

William is the Business Development Manager at Schendel Lawn and Landscape. A 32-year-old business in Topeka.

“We specialize in making your life easier and your business more profitable by being innovative in the services we provide. The landscape industry has its standard practices, at Schendel Lawn and Landscape, we partner with our customers to make sure the services work to improve their businesses,” said William.

In addition to being a long-time member of SME, William is also a member of National Association of Landscape Professionals; GTP Ambassador’s; The Rotary Club of Topeka; Topeka Areas Builders Association; Boy Scouts; Manhattan Chamber of Commerce; and Lawrence Chamber of Commerce

William has been married to Michelle for 23 years.  They are from California, but have lived in the Midwest for over 20 years, in Topeka for 14 of those years. Their daughter, Daughter, Ashley, is a Junior at the University of Iowa studying Anthropology / Archeology, and South American Studies. Their son, Justin, is a sophomore at Kansas State University studying Mathematics and minors in statistics and computer science.





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