Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews helps people to dream bigger and achieve more!

He has two professional dreams. The first is to help launch a million dreams. The second is to help to connect a million people.

To that end, Mitch created the BIG Dream Gathering. These unique events have inspired 1,000’s of people to think about their big dreams and get some encouragement to go after them.

Mitch also loves to inspire individuals and organizations to dream bigger and achieve more. Recently, he’s been able to work with organizations like NASA, Principal Financial Group and GuideOne Insurance to help them to dream bigger, expand their thinking and develop new solutions.

Mitch has also been an elite business coach for 9 years. His innovative and unorthodox approach to coaching caught the attention of Franklin Covey and Mitch was asked to sit on their Innovation Advisory Board for Coaching. Mitch loves to work with individuals to help them to clarify their big dreams and the life they are called to live… and then put a plan in place to get there!

He also loves to connect people, so Mitch created a question-based game series called “Q.” These games have been sold around the world and, more importantly, helped countless people to connect with the important people in their lives.

His biggest dream and his greatest adventure involves being a husband to his incredible wife Melissa and a dad to their two amazing sons.

You can find out more at www.MitchMatthews.com.

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